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The Horsham Ag Society welcomes new members who are keen to volunteer their time to assist with the organisation of the annual Horsham Agricultural Show which is held in Sept/Oct (dates change each year).  In addition to the Show, society members can help raise money through various fundraising activities held at the Showgrounds and off site.  Our committee members are acknowledged as councillors in a formal sense.

The office of the Horsham Ag Society is located in Russell Hall at 22 McBryde Street entrance and our office hours vary but it is generally manned Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 10am - 5pm but we recommend you phone first!  
We hire out assorted and curious equipment including vintage trestles, vintage pews/seats, portable sheep yards and more. 
The vintage stables and the rustic walls of some of the buildings provide a unique backdrop for wedding photos as does the Wimmera River.  A small fee is requested to access these areas to support maintenance costs. 
The grounds are hired out for swap meets, expos, outdoor movies, car boot sales and more. Basic camping facilities are available for people travelling through, particularly with large animals, mostly horses.
The Showgrounds is maintained by volunteers and limited staff.  A strong relationship between the St Brigid's College and the Society enables us to support secondary college Year 11 and 12 students by providing assistance with their community projects and opportunities for work experience.
For more information about hiring venues at the Showgrounds etc, please go to our USER GROUPS & HIRING PAGE.
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In February 2019, the Horsham Agricultural Society made history when 21 year old Zack Currie became the youngest president elected.  Zack joined the Society in 2016 and has an interest in the Fleece, Wool Handling and Shearing sections of the Horsham Agricultural Show.

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Vice President is 25 year old Leigh McGennisken, a farmer from Bungalally.  Leigh has been a member of the Society since 2013 and can be found fixing our equipment with his diesel mechanic qualifications.

Jenny Maroske is Horsham Ag Society's Treasurer.  She has been with us since 2016.

Andrea Cross was re-appointed Secretary as at 1st February 2016 and has a background in events management and marketing who is passionate about looking after sponsors and ensuring they get the best value for their investment.



Our Black & White 'LOCAL PLACE NAMES' Tea Towels are popular, especially at Christmas and Mothers Day. RRP $15 (inc GST) each plus $4.50 p&h

To purchase:

Step 1. SMS quantity required to 0400 425 254

Step 2. Pay online BSB 033 629 AC NO. 490773 Horsham Ag Society

Step 2. Screenshot (to above number) or email receipt and your postal address for you delivery to be sent via post.



The first show held by the Horsham and Wimmera District Agricultural and Pastoral Society was at Horsham on Wednesday 2 August 1876. It was held at yards lent for the occasion by Mr. R.W. Bennett, at Pynsent Street in Horsham.  From there is was held at the current Horsham City Oval til 1902 when the show moved to it’s current premises bordered by the Wimmera River, McPherson Street and McBryde Street. This area was formerly known as Queen Victoria Park.


Shows were not held in the years, 1940, 1941, and 1942, which was during the most anxious period of World War II, so that the one hundredth show was held in 1978. The Wimmera District Agricultural and Pastoral Society held show throughout the Wimmera including surrounding towns such as Stawell, Murtoa, Dimboola and so on.


We do not know any details of the formation of the Horsham and Wimmera District Pastoral and Agricultural Society. No minute books earlier than 1980, have survived. We do not know the names of the first members of the Society, but we do know details of the committee and of the first show. The first show was well advertised in local newspapers and a full advertisement appeared in the Hamilton Spectator of 28 June 1876. On Saturday the 5 August 1876, the Hamilton Spectator published a short report of the first Horsham show and similar reports appeared in the Age, Argus, Australasian, Leader and Weekly Times at the same time. (The local newspaper, the Horsham Times commenced in 1873 but no copies were preserved til 1882).


A summary of the day included exceedingly fine weather with a large attendance of people. Features were displays of horses, both draught and blood stock, agricultural implements, with meagre representation of beef cattle, pigs. In the miscellaneous class there was a fair display of knitting, crochet and needlework which attracted much attention from the ladies.


It is not known when the Wimmera District Pastoral and Agricultural Society ceased to use the word Wimmera in its name, but certainly, inscribed early prizes for these shows, which have remained in people’s possession have caused confusion with the shows of the Horsham and Wimmera District Agricultural and Pastoral Society which was being held, from 1876, at the same time.


It was the practice to change the president of the Society each year for the first years and, at least in the first year, there was an Honorary Secretary although after that the secretary was paid for his services.


In the early years, the finances of the Society were derived from the subscriptions of the members and also, a number of the financial commitments for prizes were received from donations.


In February 1907 the president (J. Weldon Power) asked for an expression of opinion from those present, first, as to the desirability of holding a two-day show and secondly, the date on which the show should be held. Agreement for a two-day show was made and the date was set for September 24 and 25. It still stands at around those dates today.


In 1936 the Ladies’ Committee was formed and in that year with Mrs. G.B Woodgate nominated as President. Mr. W. Johnson, the champion tree feller, was invited to the show that year and Orm Short provided his amplifier system for the show in what must have been one of the first occasions when a public address system was used.


In the 1960’s wood chopping contests were popular as were the sideshows and many locals remember ‘Vanessa the Undresser’. In the 1970’s and 80’s the Highland Dancing Competition always greeted visitors at the front entrance.


Throughout the years the horse events have continued to dominate with showjumping a feature. The Miss Showgirl competition began to wane in the early 2000’s but continues to this day with the incorporation of the Young Leader of the Year and the Rural Ambassador Awards.


In 2007, the sale of alcohol through the publicans booths and consumption was prohibited which made the event a more family friendly environment particularly at Sideshow Alley. Whether to have wet or dry shows had been a bone of contention since 1917.  A beer garden was reintroduced in 2015.


From the very beginning, the aim of the Horsham and Wimmera District Agricultural and Pastoral Society was to ‘improve the quality of livestock and to promote agriculture’ in the district. 


Today, the Horsham Agricultural Society seeks to carry on the traditions of the past whilst attempting to keep it alive by encouraging young men and women to join the committee and take an interest in our past.


(Excerpts have been taken from ‘The History of the Horsham Agricultural Society’ by the late Ian Maroske, written for the society’s centenary celebrations in 1978.)



Our aim today is to conduct a traditional Agricultural Show which provides competitions and entertainment for families and all members of the public.   Our goal is to continue to improve, provide and promote a range of free entertainment and give local business the opportunity to showcase new products.  

We actively seek and encourage new members to the Horsham Agricultural Society Inc as we work together with the community to promote Horsham and all the benefits it provides our local people and tourists alike.

Our active projects include the GJ Gardner Homes Community Garden, Horserail Fencing Lunging Arena, 'Because We Give a Crap' Facilities Improvement Project, The Cattle Shed and Local Tours.